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savasana yoga tucson


Are you look for new yoga classes in Tucson, Arizona? Are you looking for free, low cost or donation based yoga? How about vinyasa yoga Tucson to music. Or power yoga Tucson. Interested in late night yoga or free yoga Tucson? You’ve come to the right place.

Yoga is every Tuesday and Thursday at 8PM. Here s the FB invite links with all the deets. Looking forward to flowing with you.







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Hello Yoga STUDS! mind

For you night owls and/or super productive people who don’t want to stop your hustle till later you can now get your group yoga practice in! Say Whaaa

Class will now be held on TUES & THURS @ 8PM & is donation-based (maybe $5 recommended or whatever your heart feels is right)

Music & Good Vibes. YES ♥ ALL ways. I make fun new weekly playlists  all the time & I do post them here on my blog, when I remember haha so you can re-listen and enjoy them in your home practice :D

Get your 2016 started off right & join me THIS WEEK.

ALL LEVELS WELCOME. Yes, that includes beginners!

Gents & newbs don’t be scared and the inflexible don’t be scared–This kind of yoga was made for NFL players. & You come to get to get flexible–You don’t already have to be! LOL ;)






Venue is DOWNTOWN close to Rocks & Ropes & Barrio Brewing Company.

It’s called HardVolume CrossFit:

Address: 960 E 17th St, Tucson, AZ 85719

Feel Free to ADD ME ON FB To STAY UP TO DATE with Yoga Goodness & sometimes Tucson Music events.



Free Yoga Class in Tucson Arizona

Posted on 06 November, 2015 in Tucson Yoga Scene

Are you look for a free yoga class in Tucson?

I am teaching free yoga classes now in downtown Tucson.

Vinyasa Flow to music. With an Amazing sound system! In a Magical Spiritual Space.

You must see this space to experience the energy and the vibes.

& I love to teach yoga and make playlists and love spending time with people and meeting new friends.

whistle stop yoga

 Expect a lot of new beautiful fun things from me and this space. Yay.

Hope to see you soon.



Whistle Stop Depot

127 W. 5th St

Tucson, AZ 85705

1 1/2 blocks West of Stone 

whistle stop depot







LET it Be.

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let it be

A lesson that’s been coming up for me today and time again is to

Let Sh*t Be. 

Have you ever gone into a situation with other people in a really good, healthy place within yourself? You are excited about life, happy with where you are and who you are, only to have someone else spit you some negativity your way that just rains on your parade. Like WTF?

Nobody’s got time for that!

PEOPLE, if you don’t have something positive to contribute, don’t share it! Don’t be a big beef JERKy.

Let’s collectively share positivity and elevate each other.

It’s challenging out there especially battling the mind Sh*t…. (hence one of the reasons we do yoga. :P)

Let’s hold space for ourselves and each other and be uplifting and positive.

This playlist is about letting negativity go. LET IT GOOOOO… Flush it. Sweat it. Or don’t sweat it, HA.

Listen to this playlist and count your blessings.

Focus on the good.

Be happy. 

XOXO :*  

Let (SH) it BE

FRESH DJ Mixed Yoga Playlist

Posted on 02 November, 2015 in All Posts, Music Mixes, Yoga Playlists

For the past few weeks I started a beautiful collaboration with my new friend, and yoga DJ, DJ Electra Tek. I have been making the playlists still and teaching the yoga and she has been making them even better and more FANCY by mixing them!

I am totally in love with this yoga playlist and what she did. Here is the yoga class mix on SoundCloud.

And here is my yoga playlist of this same mix on Spotify.


New Yoga Playlist: Something NEW-Thomas Jack

Posted on 24 February, 2015 in Music Mixes

Usually I create unique yoga playlists on Spotify for my classes but lately I have been venturing out to DJ mixes on Soundcloud and MixCloud because Spotify doesn’t have an inclusive database. There are many awesome songs and remixes I want to add to my collection but they don’t have them available! Grrr.. $#@%^& Copywrite laws or something. I do know that it’s possible to download the songs on my computer and to add them to Spotify from my itunes then make the songs available remotely on my phone so I can play it in class and I’ve done it before but sheesh, that’s a lot of steps and fussing around.

I have been discovering a lot of great DJ mixes lately that could go perfectly with a vinyasa flow yoga class. The one I am sharing today is one of my #favorites. Lots of great life and yoga memories to this one  .

I really appreciate the smooth transitions and options to make the mix more cohesive that the dj mixes allow. Maybe DJ mixing is in my stars so I can blend these playlists together more smoothly.

Wonder how hard it is to learn and if there is a simple program I can start on and what the financial investment would be. And where do the songs they use come from? … Any DJs out there reading this? Probably not–I’m pretty sure my mom is the only reader lol.

If anyone is out there, hope you love and appreciate this mix. Mom, this is a good one!


THOMAS JACK – Continuous Mix

New Playlist!!! Superbowl & Birthday Weeks

Posted on 18 February, 2015 in Music Mixes

Here’s the new playlist. Better late than never. The playlist is below all this writing. Feel free to skip the journal entry and go straight to the playlist.

The last few weeks have been ridiculously busy and I couldn’t keep up with posting. I was so busy, I even had to cancel my trip to the Sedona Yoga Festival! Instead I got to lock myself in my house and work. #beastmode #coffee #sleepwhenyouredead #evenskipped #Gem&Jam

Usually I have things planned a little better so I’m not over-extended but a few surprises came my way…

My mom needed me to move the rest of my boxes out of her garage and there was a lot more than I realized! My family and boyfriend helped me move the boxes to my place, then I spent the week unpacking, repacking, organizing and downsizing. It’s crazy how much stuff we can accumulate! I lost a parent over 10 years ago and have been through the boxes many times. Still I was carrying around a lot of my dad’s belongings. All said and done, *mostly, it feels quite refreshing to clear out and make more space in my space not just in my body {yoga} but in my physical home.

My birthday was the following week and my Aunt and Uncle surprised me by coming into to town for a visit. I only get to see them maybe once or twice a year, if we’re lucky, so it was really special to spend time with them. We had a family birthday party for me at my mom’s house. I ended up cooking all the food because everyone else was busy and I was just sitting around doing nothing lol but really, I was grateful for the opportunity to show off some of the cooking skills I’ve been learning in cooking classes. The gifts everyone got me made me feel really loved, even all the kind Facebook messages. This birthday was extra special.

My boyfriend got me Alice in Wonderland yoga pants {If I was any Disney character, I’d be Alice, so these were the most perfect}
My mom got me a mini trampoline {Jason and I put together for Valentine’s Day which was an adventure that I might share}
My brother got me an Immersion Blender {I was thrilled. I love to cook!}
My other brother was waiting on the internet and I haven’t seen him again.
My Aunt & Uncle got me a wall tile for my house. {On the back it’s model #127…my birthday! My Aunt didn’t even see it was numbered or the cute quote on the back–just naturally meant to be}
Nana gave me money, always appreciated.
& My uncle and cousins came over to spend time and help me eat ice cream cake.

Later that week I had family over to show them my place and for a little lunch party. I made everyone lunch and got to use the new immersion blender on Potato, Carrot Leek soup and then my relator friends gave us a tour of the other units in my building, including the huge mansion loft #RealWorld house style, that would be so cool to own. My Nana is thinking about moving downtown but my aunt and uncle didn’t think the ultimate party pad would be a fit for her.

When the weekend finally came and all the work and enjoying family was successfully completed, Jason and I went up to Phoenix for my birthday and Superbowl Weekend.

We did our absolute best to pack in the most fun possible. Saturday morning we drove up to Phoenix to meet up with our friends and take the most expensive Uber ride of our lives. We rode from Phoenix to Scottsdale for the Waste Management Golf Open. Our friend who ordered the Uber agreed to a 2.9X up-charge. The van with the loud sound system and option to charge our phones and play our own music was $300. This was only a 30 minute cab ride LOL but it was one of the best cab rides of our lives… dropped us off right at the front, VIP style. We had a great time socializing and people watching even though none of us remember actually watching any golf!

Saturday night we went to Knife party at Press Room in downtown Phx. It was amazing! Great music, happy people and an awesome intimate venue.

We all slept on the floor and couch of our friend’s apartment because he didn’t want to share is King size bed lol. We woke up early Sunday and got breakfast and bottomless mimosas, my favorite! Then we went to a new favorite place, called Top Golf where we got to hit golf balls off the top of a building into huge bullseye looking targets, eat more food and watch the Superbowl. I wore a dress and tall wedge heels and none of the boys thought to mention to me that Top Golf was actually a driving range golf place and that maybe I should change to shorts and tennis shoes, thanks a lot, bunch of cheaters… I may have heard people talking about the concept of having a GPS ball and electronic scoring like bowling but I didn’t think this was actually a real thing! #togoodtobetrue. My cute outfit and I ended up beating most of the boys including my boyfriend. #girlpower #yogaskills #collegesoftballplayer. Jason blamed my win on me having an unfair height advantage and that my outfit was too distracting LOL.

By Sunday night we were all so sleeeeepy so we just we hung out at my friend’s house, laughed a lot and rested. Then we woke up early Monday because most of us had to go to work later.

This was the Best birthday week yet! My 30th Birthday is next year and this year is going to be hard to top!

The next week I further organized, I’m still not done but have been getting closer to a more normal schedule that allows for some rest time.

Without Further Ado,
Here is the SuperBowl Playlist from a couple weeks ago.
It’s been great in this order and on shuffles. ;)

Kiss Kiss

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