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I’m back.

Hello Yogi’s and Yogini’s,

Welcome to the blog. Thank you for stopping by.

Before we go any further, I need to apologize.

I feel pretty guilty about the delay in content. This site has been up and running for over a year now and Google Analytics, reports it’s getting 2-15 new visitors daily except most of them aren’t coming back. Basically I’m a success at teasing people. They come to visit but see new content isn’t being created, so they take what they want, never to return again. I’m THAT girl. Some wanna be blogger who’s mastered the art of the spamming. I swear, it’s not completely my fault, well sort of it is…

Since the creation of this website and actually way long before that, I’ve tried to figure out how this site should be. Questions like what do I want to write about, how should the layout look, what is the best way to organize posts, what is my voice and style… you get the point. SO. MANY. QUESTIONS.

That’s all fine and good but here’s where I messed up.

I let me not knowing all the answers stop my dream dead in its tracks. I stopped because I didn’t know how.

Moving forward, I’ve decided to keep it simple and post whatever I feel like. C’est la vie. The site will grow organically with me as my teaching, yoga practice and media creativity evolves. It won’t be perfect and I know I’ll mess up but whatever happens it’ll be real and I guess the truth is as good of gift as any.

From the bottom of my heart, I’m sorry if I ever disappointed you. Rest assured I’m going to keep trying and I promise more yoga playlists and new posts are on the way.

XO, Kyndle


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