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Hi, I’m Kyndle Kuchera and I specialized in teaching high energy, hot, sweaty Vinyasa Yoga in my group classes and I teach heart opening Hatha Yoga as a private yoga teacher in Tucson, AZ and online.

Teaching yoga feeds my soul as I am able to combine my passions and gifts in a way that serves and elevates others. It sounds so nice and complete on paper now, but it wasn’t always this way. Understanding my purpose took many years for me to uncover, discover and develop; but it’s funny how when I look back, I can see how each experience was building upon the last and the grace of life was putting me in the next place I needed to be move forward. I have so much gratitude for all of my struggles and victories alike but I imagine what it would have been like to have had that peace of mind and confident faith that all was going according to plan when I was younger– I was so unsure and confused– it would have been worth its weight in Gold.

Without a mentor, a yoga practice or strong support system to guide me I was a curious and admittedly clueless girl who explored and developed her passions to later uncover her dreams but a mentor, a practice and a network would have been nice. Not having those things myself and seeing the time and energy it took me to struggle through and figure things out showed me why there is a need for teachers and inspired me to want to help others.

Now I am here today to share my discoveries in hopes of saving some of you time, energy and heartache. I want you to know that there is nothing to worry about, that there are real proven tools (*called yoga! 😉 ) that can help you to build a strong body and a healthy mind.  The practice has the power to teach you who you are and what your heart’s true callings are. Neat right? All of this happens on a deep and profound level and there’s more.

I am a specialist in self-care and self-care practices. Specializing not only in yoga practice, group and private yoga teacher and I’ll get into that more later on how they are different but equally cool, but also in nutrition and thought–how positive thinking and elevating the self through thought is a major key to success and personal fulfillment. private yoga teacher tucson kyndle kuchera

I think one on the biggest contributions you can make to society is perfecting your inner world. By making your insides and your mind space strong and healthy, that simple but challenging piece of the puzzle radiates and effects others.

Through the tools yoga has taught me, I’ve been able to successfully transform, grow and nourish myself and I’d love nothing more than to share this beautiful gift with others. This is why I teach yoga.

private yoga teacher tucson kyndle kucheraNamaste All Day,

Kyndle Kuchera
Yoga Teacher Tucson, AZ

Come check out one of my group classes, Soon!Learn what I teach as a private yoga teacher in Tucson and why developing an at-home-yoga- practice will Transform & Rock Your World in ways you may have never imaged possible by integrating such a simple technique into your life. It’s truly magical.

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