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Yoga Playlist 2016: Bright Side

yoga playlist to inspire positive thoughts, kyndle kuchera in photo

A playlist to inspire positive thoughts for a positive life.

I love how this playlist turned out. It is titled Bright Side after this song. Read these amazing lyrics, let them sink in and fully become you. This playlist is perfect for getting your mind right and prepared for your 2017 New Years Resoltutions. Keep working to make your dreams come true. You can do it! I beleive in you.

You’ve got to keep on fighting

You wanna bring this on

You’ve got to keep on going

Shout it when the beat is on

Make the best with what you get

Take it all and Fuck the rest

Get your shit together

Cheer up, smoke a cigarette

You know this feeling

When the world stops turning

Focus on the bright side

Life can make you bitter

But you’ll wake up stronger

So focus on the bright side

Lost forever out of site

Forget the sadness of your nights

Breathe deeper than ever

Stand up, take another chance

You’ve gotta keep on fighting

You wanna bring this on

You won’t surrender

We’ll get through this together

Keep shining on the inside

Tell me what’s on your mind

Bright Side ~Mozambo, Basic Tape & Julia Church


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